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So, basically, first off I want to apologize for vanishing without a trace a while back. I really needed to step away from tumblr for a while.

Now. I am going to be abandoning this tumblr and making a completely new account. It’s time to start over. The URL will almost certainly be lexileblanc or lexi-leblanc or something. I need to figure out how I’m gonna be writing it. Regardless: wewalktogetherforever is done. Time to move on. My new blog will hopefully be more original content, like how this blog was when I first started, plus I’ll actually keep up to date with friends and whatnot.

I’m not deleting this account, mostly because my art portfolio is attached to this account and I just updated my resume last month and I don’t want to change it again, but it will not be getting any more updates other than “hey people, this blog is done” posts so you know what’s happening.


i like being alone, not feeling alone

We’re done.

Adios. I’m taking a one-way walk off a bridge.


Sad Black and White Blog


maybe one day i can try this again and hopefully no one fucking cuts me down :/

I Fucked Up.
β€”an autobiography (via bblackgoldd)

I just want to curl up and die already.